Don't Wait to Fix Your Water Damage

We offer 24/7 emergency water restoration services

From severe weather to a burst pipe, water can flood your home in a flash. The longer it sits, the more damage it will cause. Mr. Emergency in Smyrna, GA provides emergency water restoration services designed to keep water damage to a minimum. If your home is still flooded with water, we can provide water removal services as well. We operate 24/7 and will respond to emergency calls within an hour. Our prompt service will ensure that the flood damage to your home is kept to a minimum.

Get immediate water restoration services by calling us at (678) 209-8435 now.

Repairing flood damage is not as simple as you might think

There are several important steps to taking care of water damage in your home. Trust a trained professional from Mr. Emergency to make sure your repair work is handled properly. During the water restoration process, we will...

  1. Identify the cause of the flooding and shut off any broken pipes or valves
  2. Perform water removal in the affected areas
  3. Begin drying the flooded areas
  4. Clean and restore any affected personal belongings

Whether you are experiencing simple flood damage after a storm or have a broken pipe that's still leaking into your Smyrna, Georgia home, we can help. We'll arrive promptly to keep damage and mold growth to a minimum.

Call 678-209-8435 any time of day to arrange for emergency water restoration services in Smyrna, GA.